The Challenge
MyCloudFitness (MCF) was struggling with low name recognition and brand awareness in a crowded market. Primarily selling on Amazon gave them little to no control over the pricing and purchase journey of their products. There are many benefits to choosing MCF over a competitor, but those benefits were not being properly advertised. This campaign needed to drive sales directly to while also establishing a brand story and communicating the benefits of the MCF app/product bundle.
The Solution
Digital and social media were used to target consumers who had disposable income, prioritized health and wellness, and preferred home workouts over gym memberships. Landing pages were created to give the prospects a place to gather more information and make a purchase. Additionally, emails were laid out to guide the customer through their purchase and wellness journeys. Messaging focused three key points: competitive price point, all-in-one app solution, and on-demand coaching.​​​​​​​
The Creative
The creative served to introduce the MCF brand to consumers, direct sales by highlighting leading products, and emphasize the benefits of the MyCloudFitness app. Strong branding ties the assets together with punchy headlines and informative copy.
Agency: Marketsmith Inc; Copy: Karen Goulart; Creative Direction: Vince Sia

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