The Challenge
Consumers generally view label makers as an office tool only—to assist with the labeling of file folders and office organization. In order to grow the P-touch brand, the campaign had to inform them of the unlimited uses of the P-touch and convince them to make the purchase.
The Solution
The campaign created a need for P-touch and its genuine supplies by connecting with the consumer on an emotional level, creating relevancy with the products, and showcasing various usage ideas. The creative was divided into three objectives: convince the consumer that the P-touch labeler will fit their needs; show people that P-touch is the perfect holiday gift; and demonstrate the need to stock up on official TZE tapes rather than an off-brand alternative.
The Creative
Digital ads promoted a variety of models and showcased the uses and benefits each one had to offer.
Agency: Marketsmith Inc; Copy: Karen Goulart,  Larry Durst; Creative Direction: Tony Siminerio

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