The Challenge
New Jersey residents were suffering from multiple kinds of addictions. Despite an increase in resources and the proven results of Medication-Assisted Therapy, persuading sufferers to take that crucial first step toward recovery remained a difficult medical and communications challenge, which made the objective of increasing the number of calls to the ReachNJ hotline more crucial than ever.
The Solution
The campaign focused on the importance of being present. It highlighted the addiction sufferer and the reasons they wanted to recover. The goal was to show that ReachNJ wants to support them and give the sufferer and their loved ones the opportunity to be heard. The approach demonstrated a desire to show a more sophisticated messaging strategy and allowed for the foundation of ReachNJ as the first step on the road to recovery. The campaign resulted in 243 million overall impressions and 3,239 phone calls to ReachNJ.
The Creative
 Polaroids illustrated the subjects’ motivations for seeking help and showed that the desire to recover is driven by simpler moments and hopes. By speaking directly to the target, the campaign assured the sufferer that ReachNJ would hear them. Their reasons brought into focus the motivation to make the call and start their journey to recovery.
Agency: Marketsmith Inc; Copy: Portia DePina; Creative Direction: Vince Sia​​​​​​​

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