The Challenge
Patients tend to take 3–5 years from when they notice symptoms of hearing loss to engage a provider. It is then a long process to research a solution, schedule an appointment, and then another 3 years on average until they decide to get a hearing solution. This delay is typically driven by combinations of shame, pride, and embarrassment. Additionally, there is more clutter and confusion in the hearing aid category than ever before. While there are many brands and devices out there, no one has pulled together Audibel's completely personalized solutions, giving them the opportunity to disrupt and lead. In order to do this, Audibel needed to increase brand awareness and convince people to treat their hearing loss in the first place.
The Solution
Audibel’s target needed to see empathetic portrayals of themselves. The campaign set out to brand Audibel as a hearing health solution that is positive, personal, and professional. Social and digital assets aimed to establish trust in the market and make positive connections with potential patients. Since one of Audibel’s #1 problems was patients’ lack of motivation to act on their hearing loss, strong calls to action directed people to call and speak to a hearing specialist right away or go directly to a newly developed landing page and schedule an appointment. This all resulted in a 70% lift in web traffic and a 16% increase in leads.
The Creative
The creative approach was positive, direct, and patient-focused. It shied away from scare tactics and confiscating language that may drive prospective patients away and instead focused on the immediate and long-term benefits of treating hearing loss as soon as possible. Bright colors from Audibel’s VIG were used to make the brand feel approachable and contemporary.
Agency: Marketsmith Inc; Copy: Portia DePina; Creative Direction: Vince Sia​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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