The Challenge
When stay-at-home orders were lifted, Lucille Roberts wanted to be the primary destination for past, current, and potential members. They needed a fresh start and a new look that would get their customers fired up about fitness again. Women needed to see Lucille Roberts as an empowering, welcoming, and safe space for their wellness journey.
The Solution
Two creative concepts were built out. Each had a positive, empowering voice, giving reasons to return or enroll. They reflected the power of women-focused fitness and training through quick and memorable copy and visuals. Digital and social were primarily used to target key consumers. Overall, the campaign created a new, empowered attitude for the brand.
Do It For You
Stark, high-contrast imagery dominated these creatives, with pops of color and punchy copy. Each gave a reason to come in. Do it for strength; do it for performance; do it for you.
Ladies First
Fun, colorful, diverse illustrations drove this creative with gentle and inviting copy. The concept emphasized the personal and comfortable experience that women can expect from Lucille Roberts. 
Agency: Marketsmith Inc; Copy: Karen Goulart; Creative Direction: Tony Siminerio

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