The Challenge
Opioids kill more than 136 Americans every day, and almost 4% of nationwide overdose deaths occur in New Jersey. Naloxone saves lives, but the stigma around carrying it is heavy. Increased public knowledge and distribution can reduce the stigma surrounding the lifesaving spray. NJ residents needed to know about the widespread availability of Naloxone at pharmacies across the state.
The Solution
The campaign focused on the lives that can be saved with Naloxone. It highlighted the people that benefited from carrying it. Anyone can fall victim to opioid misuse or addiction, and everyone should consider the benefits of having Naloxone on hand—whether for themselves or a loved one. The goal was raise awareness for the new initiative and encourage all New Jerseyans to obtain the lifesaving drug.
The Creative
High-contrast black and white photography puts the target in-focus. The use of purple glow and neon affects give the creative a unique look and feel, separate from what may be expected from a state advertising campaign. It almost makes Naloxone seem sexy.
Agency: Marketsmith Inc; Copy: Portia DePina; Creative Direction: Vince Sia​​​​​​​

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