The Challenge
People who had not yet enrolled in health insurance were found to be unclear and uneducated on the subject. Clear communication was critical in ensuring that New Jersey residents understood the difference between GetCoveredNJ and the federal exchange. The main objective was to build greater brand awareness of GetCoveredNJ as New Jersey’s official health insurance marketplace and create a better understanding of the many important benefits the program offered every resident of the state.
The Solution
Digital and out-of-home were used to target residents who most needed to see these messages. They were exposed to clean and simple designs that they could see themselves in. The campaign put the faces of diverse citizens front-and-center to emphasize that GetCoveredNJ was designed by New Jerseyans, for New Jerseyans. A range of messages spoke to the biggest questions on everyone’s mind: quality, affordability, and choice. All these efforts led to a 40% increase in enrollment since the previous year with over 340,000 new residents signing up.
The Creative
The creative took a graphic approach that is full of life. Images of joyful and energetic individuals, couples, and families accompanied to-the-point messaging.
Agency: Marketsmith Inc; Copy: Karen Goulart; Creative Direction: Vince Sia

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