RP Digital Media
RP Digital Media is a new digital agency startup. The logo primarily features a letterform of the eponymous first initials of the company founders.
LA County DACC
The Los Angeles County Deparment of Animal Care and Control was in need of a logo that showcased a new short-hand for their deparment name. The logo also emphasizes companionship and the important role humans play in animal care.
Pepperdine Heidelberg
Pepperdine’s study abroad program in Heidelberg, Germany takes place in a repurposed mansion called Moore Haus. In the entry way is a huge stained glass image of a crest. This logo is a digitial illustration of that crest. It primarily incorporates the Pepperdine logo and the Heidelberg lion. 
Logo for the Runes literary magazine. With a wet inky feel, the logo shows a stamp-like graphic with a bit of an edge. The overall asthetic appeals to Runes’ creative and alternative audience.

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